demo databases
the very simplistic standard Demo searches the small (160 record) cds database or the larger (~ 58.000 records) unesb. Based on the OpenIsis java binding, the whole interface is done with only 200 lines of code.

There is also a PHP version available at galileo foundation of Costa Rica, written by Braulio José Solano Rojas .

a special sample was set up to search for unicode characters . You can also list the index . Note that the ability to display fonts like arabic or georgian depends on your browser. See notes on character sets.
real world examples

UNESCO Index Translationum , the International Bibliography of Translations with more than 1,300,000 references.

Ismail Fahmi's Ganesha Digital Library , c.f. IsisOnline - Library Search , Universitas Virtualis Bibliotheca Server . Older links: IsisOnline databases by Institut Teknologi Bandung of Indonesia. (Credit)

University of Cordoba

The WebPAC of the Zagreb University's faculty of philosophy. See also Dobrica Pavlinusic's paper

Library of the Institut für Didaktik der Mathematik of the University Bielefeld, Germany.

Biblioteca Virtual Universitaria de Bolivia ("Este sitio ha sido desarrollado principalmente con OpenIsis").

Fundación Nacional para el Desarollo , El Salvador (used to be here)

the National Institute for Educational Development of Namibia.

Centro de información y documentación de la Escuela de Hotelería y Turismo de Cienfuegos, Cuba. (Sitio desarrollado mediante OpenIsis y PHP-OpenIsis).