Mikidoc is a mini pseudo- WikiWiki -style documentation convention. Unlike real Wikis, it is much simpler and less oriented towards the web and web-editing of content, more towards the content.
In particular the text files should be very easy and natural to write and read

Mikidoc currently support the following constructs:
Empty (really empty) lines give a <br>, lines starting with
  • $ toggle code mode
  • * are a head
  • --- give a <hr>
  • - start a list topic
  • TAB continue a list topic
  • > are links;
    the link body may follow the ref after a TAB
  • ... denote a footnote document displayed to the right
  • ! set break-after-every-line mode (pseudo pre)
  • ; are ignored
  • | are table lines, cells are separated by | or TABs

Todo: support *bold*, _italic_ and MikiLinks (should we ?). Write converter to texinfo (left as an exercise to the reader).

That's all, folks! get the code ... (4 KB :)

$Id: MikiDoc.txt,v 1.4 2004/06/10 15:01:10 kripke Exp $