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Available for download:
The Current version 0.9.1 contains only a few bug fixes over 0.9.0, notably AND and NOT queries on new-style index files.
version 0.9.0 includes tons of new stuff, most of which is working pretty stable. See History for version notes.
Also available are the older versions 0.8.9 , 0.8.8 , , 0.8.7 (linux only), 0.8.6 stable and
PHP-OpenIsis.1.0 has sources for the PHP binding.

All are in tar.gz format and include some documentation. See installation notes
Alternative download from sourceforge
There also is a more or less 0.8.6-based version adapted for M$ VC by Serhij Dubyk
CDS (~53KB, 160 rows, needed for tests), test (~40KB, a writable, Latin-1 encoded copy of CDS, used by new Tcl/Tk demos), unesb (about 15 MB, 58.000 rows)
Binaries contains windows binaries of Braulio's release 1.0 of the PHP-binding, including openisis.dll 0.8.6
0.8.6/win32 (mingw32 cross-build) includes the openisis.dll and Java stuff. should work on all win32 platforms from win95b on. Note: If you want to use java you will need the JDK1.3.x The current windows version is not yet thread-safe, so using it with a Java servlet engine under windows requires some care.
A perl DLL for Win32 (based on 0.8.6, I think) by Serhij Dubyk
0.8.4/solaris ( build on solaris 5.8 ). Please mail us if you need a more up-to-date solaris binary. Note: the JDK shipped with solaris 5.7 / 5.8 ( java 1.2 ) should work.